All the latest from Coastal View Cabins and news on what's happening in and around South Gippsland especially the majestic Wilson's Promontory National Park.

Bigger and Smarter TVs in the Luxury Cabins.

Both Luxury Spa Cabins now have larger, big 43inch, LED Smart TVs.

The Smart TVs are (free) Wi-Fi connected. Now guests may access their Netflix, You Tube or web accounts on the big screen. The TVs are wall mounted so they rotate to face you, are low energy users and have optional Sportsmode. They are connected to a DVD player.

This is another step in our program of Continual Improvement.

Picture: The new TV.

Whales Are Back!

We knew they were here again! A couple of days ago we were told of whales sighted at Waratah Bay. More excitingly today two of our guests had their own whale sighting at Whiskey Bay!
Whiskey Bay is a beautiful bay very close to us and inside the Prom. It's always very quiet this time of year and you maybe the only people there. It's also good for wombat spotting on it's short track.
Goes to show if you have a winter escape in late May and June-it's worth slowing down and contemplating the ocean. Whales are often spotted up to early September.
P.s. We didn't take this Gippsland pic.

New Sofas for 2016 in all Cabins!

New Nick Scali quality Bronti sofas with pocket spring suspension comfort and Aswan fabric have just been installed in all of our cabins.
Wonderfully comfortable, high quality and plenty of room for you to snuggle, snooze or just take in our view. This is part of our commitment to Continual Improvement.
In the Luxury Cabins the sofas are accompanied with brand new stylish coffee tables.
(1st pic Luxury Cabin, 2nd pic Deluxe Cabin.)