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Awarded Three Places on the Gold List of Australian Accommodation.

We are very excited as Coastal View Cabins is now officially in the Top Ten Venues For Australia's Self Catering Accomodation!!
Our Self-Catering Cabins business for the whole of Australia has achieved 9th position putting us in the top 10 for the country. We are rated 4th for Victoria, and very pleasingly 1st for our region of Gippsland.
To explain; the 2016 Gold List of Australian Accommodation celebrates those properties who continue to exceed guest expectations. Powered by millions of online guest reviews the 2016 Gold List of Australian Accommodation represents the ‘best of the best’ and has been independently audited by the William Angliss Institute.
Thank you for supporting us and Coastal View Cabins.

Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) at Coastal View Cabins.

If guests are interested in a chance of seeing the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) then we suggest the following:

First check to see if the Lights will be active enough during your stay on this excellent website They are not always visible as there need to be a “storm” on the sun, and no clouds, and night time here.

If it is possible and there is no heavy cloud then get out of your cabin and away from all lights, give your eyes a good 30 minutes to adjust.

If you are looking towards our view (or looking from your cabin's private deck) then the Southern Lights appear in front of you to your right.


We have placed a large red gum "wagon chair" (made from fully recycled materials) for guests to relax and use at any time, it is half way down our internal road and aimed at where we see the Southern Lights. It is tall enough, comfortable and away from other light sources to make the perfect viewing point. As you wait for your eyes to adjust listen to the night sounds, like frogs (really loud in Spring) and distant rolling surf. For people who are not noisy there is a good chance of seeing wombat, wallaby, rabbits and a range of other night animals, even owls!


Aurora Australis and Coastal View Cabins is captured here with a 30 minute exposure. The yellow wattle flower adds to the beauty.
By sourcing the celestial poles the picture captures the rotation of the earth, and gives a star trail effect.
Thanks to the wonderful guest who shared this photo!