All the latest from Coastal View Cabins and news on what's happening in and around South Gippsland especially the majestic Wilson's Promontory National Park.

Constantly Improving.


Under our policy of Continuing Improvement, see how just a small area of our Deluxe Cabins have improved to make your stay even better!

Every time you stay you will most likely notice improvments.

Picture March 13, 2015.

Deluxe Cabins Mirror

DeluxeCabinNewOutside MirrorMarch2015

If you prefer to apply your makeup outside, in the natural light, then now you can.

Today we introduced a mirror outside on the decks of our Deluxe Cabins.


4 Star Audit

This coming week Coastal View Cabins will be Audited.

We welcome this external expert who will assess us in great detail for our star rating.

The last audit’s 2 reports ran to 36 pages and we easily maintained our 4 star rating.

We are audited on “Facilities and Services”, “Cleanliness”, “Quality & Condition”.

Last audit our Luxury Cabins earned 99% or the top of the 5 star rating level (!) for Cleanliness, and the extreme top of the 4 star range for Facilities and Services!

This audit guarantees that our cabins and property are being maintained to recognised hospitality standards and our guests benefit from this.

Coastal View Cabins is also TQual certified so guests know we are Australian Tourism Quality Assured.