We Have Planted Over 200 Feeding Trees And Bushes.

We planted Blue Gum trees as a food source for koalas.
As guests wander around Coastal View Cabins you may notice a fun fact about these trees (as seen in our pic) the juvenile leaves are almost round and covered with a blue-grey, waxy bloom, which is the origin of the common name "blue gum". While the mature leaves are really very different and are long narrow, sickle-shaped and dark shining green!
When we planted the trees they were tube stock and smaller than your finger. Now a few are 7 meters high and for the first time producing these mature leaves.
In the 5 years that we, Craig and Mark, have hosted Coastal View Cabins we have planted over 200 regional trees and bushes designed to protect, attract and feed Gippsland's native fauna. Thank you to all our guests who by staying here have contributed to these projects.